Have you ever injured your achilles tendon? It’s easy to injure your achilles while running, jumping or pedaling a bicycle. Achilles Tendinitis is pain involving the calf muscle at the back of the lower leg.

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The image identifies the anatomy of the Achilles Tendon and the specific tendons of which it is comprised, Medial and Lateral Heads of Gastrocnemius and Soleus muscles.
This diagram identifies the various tendons which comprise the Achilles Tendon.

According to the National Institutes of Health, NIH, the achilles tendon is The strongest tendon in the human body. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK538149/

What’s Unique about the Achilles?

The Achilles Tendon is unique in that this tendon actually crosses two joints, most tendons in the body only cross one. Since the Achilles originates (Begins) above the knee and attaches to the heel, it crosses both the knee and the ankle.

Is the pain Acute or Chronic?

The term “Tendinitis” is commonly used covering both acute and chronic tendon abnormality. Actually, when looking at abnormal tendon under the microscope; only acute tendon injury was found to harbor inflammatory cells. Inflammatory cells are only present in the short term . Hence; only acute (recent or short-term) tendon injury is tendinitis. Chronic or older tendon injury is referred to as Tendinopathy or “Tendinosis”.

Image result for achilles tendinitis free images. This diagram illustrates the various tendons which comprise the Achilles while the person is wearing a sock and shoe.
The various muscles which comprise the Achilles Tendon Complex

In my experience, most patients who come to the office have had some pain for a long time before they even made their appointment.

Is it Structural

Is it possible that your injury was caused by the the way your leg is made? Do you have a tendon contracture? In many cases patients whom I have treated have a built in or underlying physical trait which predisposes them to an injury. What I mean by this is a tendon contracture or shortening, something which can usually be remedied with physical therapy. If your tendon injury doers not respond to conventional treatment you may elect to try regenerative medicine treatment modalities instead. I also offer these.

Achilles Tendonitis Pain, Timing is Everything

Don’t underestimate your injury. Achilles tendinitis is often underestimated by the patient. This is unfortunate since musculoskeletal injuries have a better outcome the sooner the patient seeks treatment. Many patients have had pain for weeks, months or even years before they came in. In contrast, professional athletes have a team of doctors on the field at every game in case they get hurt. Why, because the sooner an injury is diagnosed and treated the faster the injury heals!


You deserve to be treated the same way. Regardless of how long your pain has been present, it is not too late to be treated! The sooner you come in the better the outcome for healing. Nevertheless, most patients ignore their injury. If you have pain or an injury below the knee I can help, call for an appointment today.

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