Your Spring Workout!

Have you started your spring workout yet or just now transitioning from the gym to the outdoors? Do you warmup before workouts or cool down? These are increasingly important items to consider when building your workout routine.

The question of static vs. dynamic stretches has been controversial for decades. The focus of the controversy appears to center on whether static stretch harms the muscle or not. There does not seem to be debate as to whether dynamic stretch harms muscle, rather a question of how much benefit is rendered by performing dynamic stretch before a workout.

Static stretch has been defined by Behm as the stretch of muscle to its end range of motion then holding it still in that position for a length of time. Dynamic stretch has been described by Maryke Loew as performing repetitive muscle movements as far as the muscle will go in one particular direction and then immediately move the muscle in the opposite direction. She points out that dynamic stretch can improve “explosive” performance like sprinting or jumping.

A review article written by Chaabene, Behm, Negra and Granacher concluded that static stretch conveyed a positive effect on flexibility and reduced musculo-tendinous injury, as long as the stretch is held for less than 60 seconds.

Maybe its time to switch things up and try a different type of stretch other than what you have been doing, as always; start slow and make small changes in moderation. It doesn’t hurt to keep a log or a notebook to track your progress.

Remember to be careful when transitioning from a treadmill (soft surface) to pavement (hard surface) you may experience some muscle soreness. Combine some track or trail running to mix up your routine.

If you need help preparing for or recovering from your spring workout call my office: 814.882.2663, I can help.

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