Do You Have A Stress Fracture?

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Dr. Karcic

What Is a Stress Fracture?

A bone injury which does not show on X-ray until after two weeks is a Stress Fracture. Although they do not show up on X-ray until later they can be very painful. Where do they occur? According to medical literature the foot and ankle are the most likely parts to suffer a stress fracture. What causes them? Stress fractures are usually caused by repetitive low grade injury, or increasing the intensity of a workout too quickly. Other causes may be brittle bone or insufficient calcium or vitamin D. These fractures are painful and swelling is also present.

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Image result for free images stress fracture of the second metatarsal in the foot.
The image depicts a stress fracture of the second metatarsal in the foot.

Who is at Higher Risk for Stress Fracture?

A study published in 2017, in collegiate athletes, women’s cross-country, women’s gymnastics and women’s outdoor track suffered the highest rates of Stress Fracture.

Image result for free images stress fracture. Calcaneus or heel bone stress fracture.
Stress Fracture in the heel bone, Calcaneus

How Can You Tell if You Have A Stress Fracture In Your Foot

Pain and swelling, even slight swelling is a sign. unlike minor injury, the pain and swelling do not get better on their own even weeks after injury, pain and swelling are present.

How Can You Tell The Difference Between A Stress Fracture and Shin Splints?

Both are bad and medical care from a doctor who specializes in treating them, a sports medicine physician for example; will get you the best result. The doctor will use both x-ray and ultrasound to image your injury perhaps even order an MRI.

What Is The Fastest Way to Heal a Stress Fracture?

Rest and proper immobilization. You never know what is causing your pain unless you see a doctor and undergo medical imaging. Stress Fracture does not show on x-ray until after 10-14 days post injury.

Can You Walk With A Stress Fracture In The Foot?

If the stress fracture is not properly immobilized the pain will be severe and the swelling will not go down. This is how you know you need to see a doctor.

What Should You Do If You Get Hurt?

First. Stop whatever it is that you are doing, Get off of your leg and Rest. Next, apply an ice bag. Then apply an ace bandage and finally, elevate. Prop your leg up onto a chair.

Sports Medicine physicians diagnose and treat these fractures usually without the need for surgery however surgery may be needed if the fracture does not heal. Simple X-rays may miss a stress fracture. The most important thing to remember is if you have pain stop the activity immediately which causes the pain. I have twenty-five years’ experience treating stress fractures.

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