Is your child limping? Children’s bone pain is more than just “Growing Pains”. Bone pain in childhood may be due to an injury. Bone or joint pain in children may also represent inflammation near a bone’s growth plate, epiphysis.

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Causes of Children’s Bone Pain, The Osteochondroses

These conditions occur in different locations in the body and at different ages. Sometimes children’s bone pain occurs at specific locations. Examples are Freiberg Infraction, Sever Disease, Osgood-Schlatter; to name a few. These are classified as Osteochondroses. Although each has a different name, treatment is similar. Osteochondroses are best treated by an experienced physician and often times require the wearing of a cast or some other form of immobilization. If the condition is not properly diagnosed or treated, the child can have lifelong problems with that extremity. Rather than ignoring the problem, bring your child in for an exam.


Don’t ignore the pain of a limping child, it may be an osteochondrosis. I can help. Call to schedule your appointment today.

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