Tendon and Ligament injury are very common. Most are often left untreated. Untreated or ignored injury adds up. It’s a compounding effect. Do you have an injury? According to the National Institutes of Health, NIH; in the U.S. tendon, ligament and joint capsular injury accounts for 45% of the multiple millions of musculo-skeletal injuries that occur each year.

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Repeated Injury leads to more Injury

Many patients have come to my office with severe pain in their leg, ankle or foot. When I question them about prior injury they almost always tell me how many times in the past they have injured that same leg! Is this a coincidence? No. Repeated injury, especially if ignored, leads to further injury.

“Minor” Injury

Patients often describe “Minor” sprains/strains that occurred in the past. People simply underestimate the harm that even a “Minor” injury can cause in the longterm. Unfortunately, many minor injuries if neglected have a compounding effect on the body and can lead to lifelong pain, swelling and arthritis. Every injury causes some degree of damage to the joint, if left untreated the next injury causes further damage without having recovered from the previous injury.

Although injuries occur, longterm damage does not have to.

Spare yourself the damage of compounding minor injury. Rather, seek medical attention from a physician experienced in treating lower extremity tendon and ligament injury. I can help you.Call today for your appointment!

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