Children’s Bone and Joint Injuries

Doctor using ultrasound imaging to diagnose a child's injury. Photograph of the doctor wearing a lab coat and stethoscope and holding a tablet.
Doctor using ultrasound imaging to diagnose a child’s injury

The Growth Plate of Bone

Parents often ask me about bone injury involving a child. Why are children’s bone injuries different from adult’s? The reason children’s bone and joint injuries are different from adult’s is the growth plate. Children’s Bone and Joint Injuries are more serious than that of an adult if the injury is near or is involving a growth plate, epiphysis. The above image is the Doctor using ultrasound imaging to examine a child’s injury.

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The growth plate is the region of bone where bone growth occurs and if damaged, the bone may never mature normally. 

The growth plate may be difficult to visualize on X-ray and MRI or ultrasound provide additional information.


If a child has suffered a bone injury or appears to be in pain it is important to see a doctor experienced in treating children’s injuries.

I have 25 years of experience treating children’s lower extremity bone injury, I have treated both recreational and competitive athletes; one of my pediatric patients was hoping to compete in the olympics in figure skating. If your child is injured below the knee call my office, I’m accepting new patients.

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