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Why are children’s Bone Injuries so Critical?

Many parents have asked me, “Why is it worse when a child gets hurt vs. an adult?” The answer is that when an adult sustains a stress fracture or a complete fracture there is a predictable healing result depending on factors like the severity and type of fracture and the patient’s health. Children’s injuries can be more serious than adults’.

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In children, the risk of injury to a bone growth plate or epiphysis can be critical. If an injury involves a growth plate and the fracture is not diagnosed or treated early enough the bone may never develop properly and the child, unfortunately may have a deformity for life.

Children’s injuries can be more serious than adults’. According to the National Institutes of Health, NIH; a child’s growth plate is the weakest spot in a growing child’s skeleton. In my office I use diagnostics to localize a fracture before it may be visible on an x-ray.

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