Covid Toes

Doctors are reporting a new phenomenon associated with this coronavirus, Covid-19 pandemic. Reports include redness, blisters, discoloration of the toes. What’s unusual is that in the past this was seen in the elderly population especially people with poor circulation. Now its happening to younger people. The common denominator appears to be that the younger people have all tested positive for Covid-19.

The current hypothesis is that the redness, discoloration, etc.; is caused by increased clotting or thrombosis and endothelial (the inner lining of blood vessels) injury. The increased clotting and endothelial injury is attributed to the way this virus attacks the body.

It is already known that viral illness involving the respiratory tract can trigger a dermatologic phenomenon, an example of this is the “Strawberry Tongue” of Kawasaki Disease.

Do You Think You Have Covid Toes?

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Stay tuned and check back for more on this topic as more information is available.

Dr. Tracey Vlahovic at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine discusses her findings in the following article.

Dr. Nirenberg presents a single case study in this article.

In this video an Angiologist, a Circulatory or Vascular Specialist discusses the New Phenomenon “Covid Toes”
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