The Innumerable benefits of exercise

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Dr. Karcic

The benefits of daily exercise are innumerable. Daily exercise does far more than just burn calories. Daily exercise strengthens muscle and bone thus reducing the risk of injury. Studies have shown that people who exercise daily recover from injury faster than people who do not exercise regularly. if injury occurs, the cumulative effect of daily exercise reduces downtime and speeds recovery. Daily exercise additionally helps to control blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol as well as weight.

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Daily exercise further improves mood and relieves stress. Yes, it is addicting in a very good way!

Studies have shown that not just exercise, but resistance training; like lifting weights increases the metabolic rate and thereby burns calories. As a side benefit, increased muscle mass also increases the density or strength of the bone it attaches to, thereby reducing osteoporosis as we age!

Do you need more reason to exercise? Watch this interview.

If you begin a new exercise program or a new sport good for you! Please learn how to warm up, cool down and stretch properly without injuring yourself.

If you do get hurt, see a Sports Medicine physician. I’m accepting new patients, please call to schedule an appointment.

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